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From the Director’s Viewpoint 

In over 50 years of operation, Ylä-Savo Municipal Federation of Education and Ylä-Savo Vocational College have grown to be significant local effectors in the area by offering versatile high-quality vocational education and through industrial life partnership and regional development.

According to the operating and financial plan, we aim at developing further the connections between education and working life in co-operation with local businesses and parties committed to entrepreneurial knowhow.

Our teaching facilities are modern and equipment of high technology. Both our young and adult students study under the same roof, using the same facilities in all the major fields of education. 

Chech out what we have to offer! You can apply non stop, when ever you want to!

Kari Puumalainen
Director of Ylä-Savo Municipal Federation of Education



Updated: 4/4/2017