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GoGreenCare - Piloting week (FIN)

Please visit a learning Blog of Savo Vocational College (Sakky - www.sakky.fi ) and Ylä-Savo Vocational College (Ysao - www.ysao.fi ) of piloting activities Green Care with animals and practical nursing during 7.-11.12.2015. During the experiental and collaborative week students and staff carried out variety Green Care methods of nursing and care and animal assisted activities with two Vocational Colleges and other college partners. Have a nice time with our blog!




FINLAND / SAKKY -  Savo Consortium for Education 


“Green Care offers people nature by nurture through experiences. Every experience in wellness can offer an element of rehabilitation”. Explore Green care methods related to health care…


FINLAND / YSAO - Ylä-Savo Municipal Federation of Education (YSAO)



“After socialization a dog or a horse will often make contact and offers comfort to those people who most need it”.   Explore Green Care methods related to animal assisted activities…


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