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What is it?

Go Green Care material is a European wide collaborative green care oriented package for teachers, instructors, project coordinators and other educational professionals. 

The teaching and learning material is divided in to five different approaches related to green care activities:

1.                         Animal assisted approach (Finland)

2.                         Horticultural approach (United Kingdom)

3.                         Forestry - Nature approach (Estonia) 

4.                         Nursing and health care approach (Finland)

5.                         Wellness and Hospitality approach (Cyprus) 


Who is it for?

The Go Green Care material is focused for professional groups like;

  • Teachers, trainers and educators 

  • Instructors, assistants and co-workers

  • Project workers, co-operative networks and coordinators

  • Education managers, school heads and developers


How to use the material.

Most of the GoGreenCare material is presented in a pdf format to help you to read, organize and upload for your own needs.   We recommend that you to upload materials that you find useful to your own computer or local storage for further use.

  1. Introduction to Green Care 

    Within this section you will find a brief introduction to the Green Care ideology.   The information is intended for those who are new to Green Care methods and activities.  You will also find some background information on Green Care ethics and philosophy. 

  2. Teaching Modules (8)

    This section is divided in eight different learning and teaching packages, which all differ in their content.  The frameworks (5) for the learning packages are already presented above.  Within this section you will also find tools and ideas for Green Care assessment methods. 

  3. Best Practices (8)

    This section consists of eight European level field stories of Green Care practices.   The stories are brief in nature and the outcomes from the Green Care methods used are highlighted.  You will also find further links to difference sectors of Green Care. 

  4. Additional Materials

    This section consists of additional web based material like documents, presentations, organizations, videos and blogs etc.   We hope that you will find further useful information here.

  5. Pilot

    Two Go Green Care partners organized a piloting learning week in December 2015.  The students involved documented the week using a blog, which is presented in this section (see further link).  The concept of the pilot was to carry out Green Care learning in a cross-over manner over two different sectors of Green Care - animal assisted and health care.

  6. Partners

    In this section you can meet and contact the partners involved in the Go Green Care project.

Updated: 9/1/2016